Welcome, GK-12 | Biology, UNCG

What is GK–12?

The GK–12 program at UNCG has been funded by the National Science Foundation to partner graduate student Fellows from three departmental graduate programs (Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Geography) with teachers and students at three Guilford County Schools: Montlieu (elementary), Welborn Academy of Science and Technology (middle) and Andrews High School. All three schools are located in High Point, NC, and their campuses are in close proximity. Fellows, teachers and students will form discovery teams to scientifically investigate the biological, chemical, physical, health-related, and socioeconomic effects of changing land use patterns in the region. (NSF award: DGE 0947982)

Fellows and their partnering teachers will work on three primary tasks:

  1. the development and delivery of inquiry-based lesson plans,
  2. greater quality and quantity of differentiated instruction, and
  3. the creation of school-based teams to teach others science concepts and methods.

Fellows will learn to communicate research to a wide variety of audiences, develop lesson plans, develop leadership skills, enhance their teaching capability, and engage in research activities with students. Teachers will integrate new research into their teaching and learning and take part in professional development on inquiry-based science instruction and working with diverse student groups. K–12 students will become engaged in new forms of science learning and research and will be exposed to a variety of STEM careers.