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Tapping into something big

Keivan Ettefagh is sort of a scientific Clark Kent.

Within the walls of his lab at UNCG, the PhD candidate in medicinal biochemistry studies natural substances like goldenseal. He hopes to lay the groundwork for new antibiotics that can fight drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA.

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Greenway Project on Local News

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James Lynch recognized for Bright Ideas Grant from Energy United

James Lynch (Welborn Middle School, 8th grade) was recognized at the December 7th Guilford County Board of Education meeting as a recipient of the Bright Ideas Grant from Energy United

Students get hands dirty for science

For years, students and teachers at Andrews High School may have wondered what chemicals and organisms were in a creek that borders the school property.

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Dr. Catherine Matthews Receives Don Bailey Award

Dr. Catherine Matthews, co-PI, received the "Don Bailey Distinguished Service to Science Education" award at the North Carolina Science Teachers Association annual meeting held in November.

GK—12 Spawns New Grants

Here are some great examples of how the GK—12 partnership between UNCG graduate fellows and Guilford County Schools teachers has spawned new external grants for activities and materials for science education in the classroom.
A. The GK—12 partnership of Kathleen Melious (Andrews High School) and Mary Beth Morgan (graduate student in Chemistry) recent awards:
1) Donors Choose – a Vernier Lab Pro Probe - $400
2) NC Beautiful – 50 Azalea plants (Ben got 50 too) and we did another beautification day - $500
3) Donors Choose – a Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and Pesticide Test Strips - $400
4) NCSTA Innovative Curriculum – a Vernier Lab Quest probe, turbidity sensor, flow sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor, temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor - $1000
5) Chemistry in Communities – Epidemic Kit, Detergents and the Environment, Grams Stain Kit for Bacteria, Bacterial Contamination of Water Kit, Electrochemical Remediation of Wastewater Kit, Acid Rain, Weathering and Erosion Kit, Water Treatment and Filtration Kit - $1000

B. The GK—12 partnership of James Lynch (Welborn Middle School) and Bill Tyminski (graduate student in Geography) recent award:
1). Sweet Science, Sweet Rewards A Taste of Nature - Bright Ideas - North Carolina Electric Cooperatives Funding for scientific equipment for sugar maple extraction on Welborn Middle School campus. - $1,245.67

Resident Scientist Featured in "Inspire. Change."

PhD student uses tree ring science to study a decline in maple syrup production.Read more here.

STEM Education to Get Boost From Race to Top Winners

(August 25, 2010, Curriculum Matters Blog)

$2.8 Million NSF Grant to Boost Local Science Education

A $2.8 million, five-year National Science Foundation grant will allow UNCG graduate students to enrich science lessons for hundreds of students at three High Point schools.

Graduate students in biology, chemistry and geography will work with students and teachers at Montlieu Elementary, Welborn Middle and Andrews High schools to investigate the health, biological and socioeconomic effects of changing land use patterns in the region.