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Downloadable Documents

Macroinvertebrate Sampling Protocol
This document provides information on equipment needed and sampling methods for macroinvertebrate sampling of the stream for the Greenway Studies Biological Database.       Macroinvertebrate Sampling Protocol.pdf
List of Macroinvertebrates
This PDF lists the macroinvertebrates that are counted in Greenway Studies Biological Stream database. This list is inclusive of all the macroinvertebrates the Greenway Studies program monitors and includes divisions amongst the macroinvertebrates that are tolerant, somewhat-sensitive and sensitive to pollution.      List of Macroinvertebrates.pdf
Key to Water Quality & Stream Index Values
This document has three pages. The first page is a Key to Water Quality in which the user can key different macroinvertebrates to determine water quality from the Eno River State Park in North Carolina. Page 2 instructs the user on how to calculate Stream Index Values. The third page of the PDF document offers the user a visual representation of some common macroinvertebrates found in and around Eno River State Park.     Key to Water Quality & Stream Index Values.pdf
Map of Greenway & Locations
This is a downloadable map of Boulding Branch Creek, the greenway, and the several sampling locations along its route.

Fun & Helpful Links

SAS in Schools
SASinSchools is a free set of computer interactivities or modeling for a variety of science concepts. This is the link for the virtual lab that students can manipulate for pollutants in a stream. It would be a nice computer lab activity to do before and/or after your stream ecology activity from the Greenway. SAS in Schools
LEARN NC gives you what you need for K–12 teaching and learning, when and where you need it. LEARN NC
PEER Perspectives, Vol II
PEER Perspectives, Vol II
2004 5 E's
2004 5 E's
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School.
National Research Council. How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2000.
How Students Learn: Science in the classroom.
National Research Council. How Students Learn: Science in the Classroom. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2005.
The National Science Digital Library
"Technology has the power to transform education both inside and outside of the classroom, in both formal and informal settings, to ensure equal opportunity for all." -- Roger Conner, Executive Director, GO-Science. This brochure outlines some of the techniques and solutions GO-Science uses to promote STEM education in Eastern North Carolina.
FamilyScienceQuest Features Fun Science Experiments For Families
Last month, Boehringer Ingelheim launched a new YouTube channel called FamilyScienceQuest. Families nationwide can take advantage of the information presented on this dedicated YouTube channel, featuring simple, fun science experiments that parents can conduct at home with their children—such as making colors explode in a puddle of milk, creating sidewalk chalk, and making a cloud. To access the video tutorials, visit this YouTube page.
National Wildlife Federation's "Be Out There" Newsletter
As part of the National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) "Be Out There" campaign to reconnect children to the natural world, NWF is offering a free newsletter that includes articles, initiatives, and resources for parents and teachers. To learn more about the campaign or to subscribe to the newsletter, visit the NWF website.
Science Matters
Free Science Activities for Kids - a joint project of UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, the Exploratorium, the New York Hall of Science, Science Museum of Minnesota, Children’s Museum of Houston, and the Association of Science-Technology Centers—a free, online collection of thousands of hands-on interactive science and math activities for kids in nonclassroom settings.
Amazing Animals and Creature Features
These online resources from National Geographic for Kids present animal information in an interactive way. Targeted at elementary students, the website features clickable facts and photos of more than 40 animal species from Adelie penguins to zebras. Users can watch videos of the animals, find maps showing where each animal lives, and print out a collector’s card for any animal described.
National Education Association
National Education Association
The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation's mission is to ensure that every student in an urban public school has the opportunity to succeed.
High Schools - A public high schools and private high schools list
Elementary Schools - A public elementary schools and private elementary schools list
The 2012 Statistical Abstract
The 2012 Statistical Abstract