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Stacy Curry, Geography PhD Candidate


Stacy Curry

Stacy Curry is a doctoral student in Geography. She received her Geography B.S. from Appalachian State University and her M.S. from George Mason University in Geographic and Cartographic Science. She has worked for the Headquarters Division of the Land Remote Sensing Program for the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA while also teaching the Introduction to Mapping Sciences course at George Mason University. She has worked on the Landsat AmericaView program, nationwide research project reviews, and the Commercial Remote Sensing Space Policy, with researchers from all over the USGS to learn from and assist in a diverse number of projects. She also worked at the field center in Denver, CO, specializing in LiDAR technologies and Hyperspectral research both terrestrial and airborne, with interests in fire fuels mapping and forest health in the Rocky Mountains. However, the methods were also replicated in other forests throughout the country. After a total of eight years of tremendous experience with the USGS she decided it was time to earn a PhD and enrolled at UNCG.

Research Interests

As a graduate student, Stacy has taught the Geography Department's Introduction to Earth Sciences course. Her research focus is on geophysical investigations of historical landscapes using Ground Penetrating radar (GPR), Terrestrial Laser Scanning, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/drones). The goal of the her dissertation is to create a multidimensional model of both the above ground and below ground landscape to not only pinpoint areas of archaeological interest for further investigation, but to provide an immersive environment of an historic site for better interpretations by the research community and an enhanced educational resource for the public.