Stephanie Dappenbrook, GK-12 | Biology, UNCG

Stephanie Dappenbrook, BioChemistry Master's Candidate


Stephanie Dappenbrook

Stephanie Dappenbrook was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2008, after 2 years of undergraduate work in chemistry, she took a paid staff position on a political campaign for the presidential election. Three primary elections later, she found herself in Greensboro for the general election. Following the election victory, she enrolled at UNCG to complete undergraduate degrees in biology and biochemistry. She is now enrolled as a master's student in Biochemistry at UNCG. She has undertaken undergraduate research in the biology department, was a peer tutor for numerous subjects, and was awarded Leader of the Year for the Supplemental Instruction Program for 2011. She has been teaching as an undergraduate as a lab instructor for General Chemistry labs I and II since January 2011.

Research Interests

As an undergraduate, Stephanie worked in Biology with Dr. Gideon Wasserberg and graduate student Theo Tamini, seeking to determine whether or not anthropogenic disturbances affect disease transmission. She now works with Dr. Jason Reddick, studying the gram-positive bacterium, Bacillus subtilis strain 168, conducting research on endospore formation. Her focus is a gene on the mother cell metabolic gene operon, mmgC. The mmg operon controls the expression of genes related to the degradation of fatty acids during stress-induced sporulation.