Rebecca Dellinger-Johnson, GK-12 | Biology, UNCG

Rebecca Dellinger-Johnson, Geography PhD Candidate


Rebecca Dellinger-Johnson

Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston is a species native to North Carolina. Throughout her life cycle she became interested in both art and nature. In 2007, she graduated from Mars Hill College where she obtained a B.S. in both Zoology and Botany, with a minor study in English. After obtaining her degree, she worked on research projects with invasive plant species and Swainson's warblers. Rebecca has also volunteered with Winston-Salem wildlife rehabilitation and taught dissection labs with East Bend Elementary.

Research Interests

In 2013, Rebecca began her master's study at UNCG, working with plant systematist, Dr. Bruce Kirchoff. Since her enrollment, Rebecca has taught a lab for Biology 111 and participated in the Preparing Future Faculty Program at UNCG. During periods of torpor, this species is known to occupy bookstores, movie theaters, botanical gardens, and church.

Rebecca is currently working with Dr. Kirchoff on creating tools for science education. Her research is focused on building an electronic plant key to the native oaks of the Southeastern United States. Her future research goals include studying animal behavior with a focus on altruism and cooperative breeding.